Who is Chuck Reynolds?

Hi, my name is Chuck. I'm here to provide web strategy & project management, technical on-site SEO, and WordPress services. I practice the Build it Right the First Time method, as I've been called in to fix far too many poorly-managed and poorly-built projects; so get in touch if you'd like a proper implementation.

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Providing professional web strategy, digital asset optimization, and technical SEO services for individuals and businesses alike.

When I do find free time (does that exist?) I enjoy hiking, riding the trails on my mountain bike, and occasionally, I log on and play some video games to clear my head. In regard to local community, I organized the first two WordCamps in Phoenix (2009 & 2011). I helped in the growth of Gangplank, a collaborative workspace in Chandler Az, PodCampAZ, Ignite Phoenix, Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference and Social Media Club. For a while I donated my time as a technical mentor as well.

For the record, this Chuck Reynolds is NOT:

  • Associated with the RJ Reynolds Tobacco company (in fact, I don't smoke at all nor do I like being around it).
  • Receiving any royalties from the Alcoa corporation for the usage of "Reynolds Wrap," and all the grief I got about that name during grade-school (true story).
  • Part of the Chuck Reynolds Car Company.
  • The inspiration for the name of the popular canvas sneakers.

Feel free to add and follow me, and be sure to socialize and say "Hi" -lurking doesn't get you anywhere. The best way to get my attention is email, not the phone. I will reply, not always quickly, but I will get to it. I don't answer the phone or check voicemails, and I stay off chat services. Now you know how to get in touch, and knowing is half the battle... G.I Joe

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